Palmetto Monitoring offers affordable GPS Electronic Monitoring products for South Carolina.  We offer satellite tracking GPS electronic monitoring and radio frequency (RF) electronic monitoring equipment lease programs for the private and government sector. Our company provides full service case management designed to fit any budget.  
Why Palmetto Monitoring Should Be Your First Choice For GPS Electronic Monitiorng?

  • Fully insured up to 2 million 
  • Offers actual GPS Electronic Monitoring Offers GPS Electronic Monitoring paid as you go and not by a pre-determined slot
  • Best customer service in the business
Experienced in a wide array of pretrial services, Palmetto  Monitoring  assists government agencies in starting new  GPS Electronic Monitoring programs. Enhancing or streamlining existing operations, the ultimate goal of preserving the safety and security of the community is always the primary focus.
  • Attorneys
  • Bail Agents - Surity Companies
  • Sherrifs and Law Enforcement
  • District Attorneys
  • Child Support Agencies
Technology cannot replace in-person interaction and unannounced visits between supervising officers and offenders. Innovations in 1 point-a-minute GPS Electronic Monitoring based technology enhances public safety while allowing the next best thing to in-person interaction.  
Who Uses GPS Electronic Monitoring Services?
GPS Electronic Monitoring Enhances Public Safety
Benefits Of GPS Electronic Monitoring
Palmetto Monitoring Offers Complete Programs Inlcuding:
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Electronic Monitoring Products Available
GPS Electronic Monitoring To 
 Government and Private Agencies
"Palmetto Monitoring offers GPS Electronic Monitoring hook-ups 
24 hours a day anywhere in the United States." 
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GPS Monitoirng Tracking
GPS Electronic Monitoring
GPS Monitoirng Tracking
Victim Notification Devise.

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Continuous Alcohol Monitoring ( CAM)

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- Equipment leasing and training
- Online "court login" for GPS monitoring of people
- Offender Pay Programs
- Secured Bond married to an anklet

A recent study performed by the United States Department of Justice found that those placed under secured forms of release were much more likely to appear in court."
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A Government Service Provider
Satelite Tracking Of People.

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  • Non removal of GPS Electronic Monitoring Devices Equates To a Higher Level Of Offender Accountability.
  • Convenient and Mobile Recharging
  • Fewer damaged or lost units-GPS locatable by satellites/RF locatable with mobile monitoring unit
  • Easily Managed Inventory
  • GPS Electronic Monitoring unit used in conjunction with cellular based services has dual redundancy.
  • Internet based electronic monitoring tracking application receives and stores all monitoring data and offender information. 
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